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CremationDNAGranite Colors Markers  (Bevels, Slants, Flat/Lawn Markers)

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Granite Signs and Site Amenities


Catholic Cemetery Sign Granite Funeral Home Sign

Granite Site SignGranite Sundial


Century offers a wide variety of granite color and shape combinations for custom site amenities. Our artists work with you to create the perfect granite piece to showcase your business or public space. Please ask your Century Customer Service Representative about creating your own custom granite design.


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Granite Colors


Granite Swatch Book


Dark Blue Monarch Pink Northern Mahogany Celestial Black

Blue Pearl India Red Kershaw Tropical Green


This is just a small sample of our Granite Colors. Century offers a wide variety of
granite colors and combinations.  Please see the Granite Colors Swatch Book,
and ask your Century Customer Service Representative if you have any questions about availability.


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Large Monuments

Salim Monument

We can help with the design, creation and installation of large monuments. Please click here for pictures some of the large scale monuments Century has designed and manufactured.


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Veterans Monuments

Veterans MemorialsVeterans Memorial Bench

Every community has or will build memorials to their own who served and sacrificed to keep America free. Professional memorialists are challenged to satisfy the patriotism of those who spearhead these projects. Your Century Harmony salesperson can work one-on-one with you to create a one-of-a-kind and meaningful memorial.


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Domestic and Import Benches


Century Benches

We have a complete line of domestic memorial benches (above) that are ideal for cemeteries, public buildings and parks.  We also stock several import benches (below), and we are always happy to work with you on any custom orders that you may have. Please see our bench brochure, our latest bench product, our Veterans bench with bronze attachments or with carved lettering, our Cremation bench and urn, or contact your Century Harmony sales person for more information.


Import Benches


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Family Bronze


Century offers a beautiful hand-crafted line of bronze markers manufactured by Family Bronze. The advantage in buying from Century instead of direct from Family Bronze is that the bronze with a matching base can be delivered together on the Century truck, eliminating the need for you to inventory bases. You pay the same price as when you buy direct from Family Bronze.  You pay freight only on the base. You may also purchase the bronze pre-assembled with the granite base for a slightly higher price. 


Bases for Bronze


Granite Bases for Bronze


Century manufactures bases for bronze in a wide range of granite colors. Century Transport LLC can also deliver your bases in frequent smaller quantities. If you order your bases from Century when your families purchase their bronze, you will have the exact base you need, pre-drilled and ready for assembly! 


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What will be the final resting place for cremated remains of loved ones? Scattering the ashes leaves no focal point for the celebration of a life.  A columbarium can provide a beautiful permanent place for urns and cremains in a traditional cemetery setting.  Please see our Cremation Monument Brochure, which features some of our most popular columbariums or contact your Century Harmony sales person for more information.



Century Columbaria


Cremation Garden



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Legacy Cremation CH1010Cremation Monument with Porcelain



Cremation Series

Century has a beautiful collection of monuments, benches and columbariums for those who choose cremation.  Please check out our Cremation Monument Brochure, or contact your Century Harmony Sales Representative for more information.



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Century has a unique product that helps families obtain and preserve their DNA samples for future generations.  Please see DNA Monument Brochure, or contact your Century Harmony sales person for more information.  WHY SAVE YOUR DNA?  Like your fingerprint, it is the ultimate proof of your identity. It may have great medical benefits for your family and descendants. It is inexpensive, ($49) and if you save it in a marker or monument it could last for hundreds of years or longer. It is easy to do now, but it may be impossible later. For example, cremation destroys every trace of DNA!



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Etching (Laser and Hand Etchings)




Laser Etchings are popular for their photorealism.  Your own photos can be scanned and etched directly onto the stone.  We also have many popular themes to choose from.




Hand Etchings have been popular for many years.  Our artist will create a hand-drawn likeness of a portrait or scene directly on the stone.  These etchings are best on very large granite items. You may provide your own photos or other artwork, or you may choose from the many popular designs in our Memories Etched In Stone Brochure.  With a password from your Century sales person you may log in and browse the entire series.

The darkest granites are best for all etching. Jet Black is the most popular.

Download our NEW Page Etching Design Catalog! Part A  Part B  and Part C

Etching Cover


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Markers (Bevels, Slants and Flat/Lawn Markers)


   Century Slant


CH SlantCH Marker

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of markers in the past 3 years, most particularly the flat, lawn level grassmarkers. Many cemeteries that allowed only bronze markers are now allowing granite due to demand for an attractive but lower cost memorial. The beauty of granite compared to bronze is that each marker can be custom designed for the buyer. Century helps its customers sell markers by making drawings for approvel for each marker, and faxing or emailing them by the next day. 


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Century Harmony Mausoleums

Many times a mausoleum can be sold if it is on the cemetery lot and ready for use, but not if the family has to wait a long time and possibly use a temporary receiving vault until the mausoleum has been installed. Century Harmony can provide mausoleums in a wide variety of sizes and colors at competitive pricing. Call for your quote today!


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Century Sculpting

Century Harmony is the only granite company in the area with a sculptor on its staff.  This reduces the time and expense to produce the finished work. Century Harmony also furnishes imported statues and relief carvings. The cost of imported work is much lower, but the waiting time is much longer. Please click here for our sculpture sheet.


Sculpture Angel KneelingSculpture AngelSculpture Bas Relief
Introducing Century Harmony’s line of stunning molded marble statues manufactured from bonded Carrara Marble. Each statue is molded from a hand crafted master and offers the fine features and detail that you would expect from the most expensive Italian statuary companies.
Italian Statuary Catalog
We offer many different designs and sizes for immediate delivery. Statues are available in traditional white, bronze coated or hand painted finishes. Contact your Century Harmony Customer Care Representative for pricing and availability. 


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Upright Monuments

Upright Cross  Upright Piepenbring  Upright Porter

Monument4 Monument3 Monument2
The majority of upright memorials in in cemeteries are traditional, symetrical shape upper tablet (die) on a base. Modern tastes are changing to unique shapes and colors. Century Harmony works with its customers to create an unlimited variety of memorials, counceling ways to hold costs as low as possible. Please see large monuments to get ideas from monuments sold to those who wanted something more than the traditional monuments.

The feature that makes a monument a memorial is the inscription. Century Harmony strives to promote meaningful inscriptions by pricing extra lettering very low. Its price for extra lettering has not changed in twenty years. It also includes the lettering of names and dates at no extra charMonument1ge when a carving is specified.Century also offers standard monuments in the DMart Series and themed monument designs-such as those with angels or other religious components. Please contact your Century Representative to receive catalogs and brochures by mail or electronically.



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Cremation Bench & Urn


Century Cremation Bench
There are thousands of different cremation urns designed to hold cremated remains of loved ones. Century offers a wide vaiety of these urns, with particular emphasis on granite urns. The real question that each family must answer is "Where will this urn ultimately be placed, and how will it be secured". The granite urn has no salvage value so it is not likely to be stolen. Century's new Cremation Monument brochure shows new options on how to permanently store cremated remains as an integral part of an upright monument.



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Century Vases

There is no memorial item more popular than vases for flowers. These are items that all memorialists should have in inventory, because the aftermarket motivation to put a vase on a grave may pass if it cannot be satisfied immediately. Imported round granite and marble vases have become a huge part of the market because they are so inexpensive. Century Harmony can supply granite vases to match most of the granite memorials it supplies.


Powder Coated Aluminum Vases


Century Aluminum Vases